Planning approval given for a detached chalet style house within Hertfordshire Green Belt

4th June 2020JB Planning Associates have secured full planning permission for the re-development of a small brownfield site in the Green Belt south of Radlett in Hertfordshire. The property, known as...more

Hybrid planning permission secured for residential development of up to 67 dwellings

4th June 2020Having successfully secured the allocation of the Anglian Business Park site in Royston for housing in the emerging North Herts Local Plan, JB Planning Associates were subsequently instructed to...more

Planning Permission secured for additional floorspace at headquarters building in Stevenage

2nd June 2020JB Planning Associates has successfully secured planning permission for the infilling of an existing under-utilised atrium to facilitate an additional 430 square metres of floorspace at the Headquarters of...more

Examination Inspector supports JB Planning Associate’s case that the West of Braintree Garden Community should be removed from the North Essex Joint Strategic Plan

22nd May 2020The Inspector examining the North Essex Joint Spatial Plan has supported JB Planning Associates’ case that the proposed West of Braintree Garden Community should be removed from the Plan....more